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WHY? Why stranger?
why do you hate me? is it because i am happy? is it because i smile? is it because you cannot accept the smile? and the happiness in me?

why can't you tell me? is it because you're afraid? afraid to hear that i am happy and the worthiness in me bacause you can't handle them

why can't you understand? understand that i just dont feel i belong? the uneasiness when im with you, because this is me and that is you

why do you want to change me and be like you? i can never be like you and i dont want you to be like me, because i like the uniqueness in each and everyone around me..

why can't you understand the differences among us and be happy about it? differences makes us like a star with different sizes and brightness in the sky and for every persons eyes, the bigger or the brightest, will judge who shines the most.

why do you seek the flaws in me? and not the goood things in me? is my flaws making you happy? and the good things making you hate me? i cannot hide the good things in me just to make you happy, because this is me

why do you judge me because i am not afraid to show the real me? is it because you're afraid? afraid to see that i am happy because my happiness makes you miserable because you are miserable.....

why do you sneak into my world and afraid to let me know? is there something that you hide from me? or are you waiting for my mistake? mistake that will make me sad and the sadness that will make you happy...

why do you hide yourself? are you afraid that i will see? that you can see the worthiness in me- the worthiness that makes you miserable because you just can't be happy for somebody...

why do you keep looking for me and judge what you see? is it because you want me to hide? hide the things that feeds my mind.. maybe you need to make your own- something that can feed your empty mind...Get a life is what you should do.

why do you want them to hate me? is it because you want everyone to be like you ? i feel so sorry for you, no freedom to express the real you; hyprocrisy sorrounds you..

WHY?----it is not exactly jealousy that i see. envious maybe!!! you dont really want to be the one that you hate. you just want to knock someone else down because you want everyone to be as miserable as you....

" everybody is welcome to view my site... you dont have to hide, you dont have to sneak, you dont have to deny it because i can see you... i know who you are, i just dont know why dont you want me to know.. to know that you sneak into my world...my world where freedom of self expression is free ... i dont mean to hurt you, just let me know and i will change it for you... but one thing i want you to know..i cannot change myself for you... Oh baka naman inggit ka lang, inggit ka lang sa nakikita mo------ "..

thank you for visiting me liitle world on the internet!!!!

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