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I never knew and believe when someone say "you are very frank" the first time I heard it. But everywhere I go, it is always been a big comment of who I am.. Well what can I do? I just dont know how to say things the other way but only on my own way. So expect nothing less.

- I'm a computer/Internet addict because for me, this the only way I can make my brain work because of the type of job that I have.
- I make blogs whenever I feel I want to write and express somethings that goes inside my head ( you can also find it on my site).Well sometimes you just need to be quiet instead of hurting someone's feelings, so hear me on my blogs.. A frustrated chika journalist
- I already have my man and have no plan to have another one. But a lot of narrow minded people at work think I need another one…
- I'll never use my site or friendster or email as a dating service but I don't mind meeting new people here.
- I do not want to talk about sex/sexual urges and orgasm on the internet. Because I had enough in real life…
- I always mean what I say and say what I mean.Though sometimes it is hard but,
- I am not afraid to say sorry and when I do I really mean it.
- If I seem disinterested it's probably because I really am.
- I'd never get out of bed before 4pm because I am a night person; well then of course because I work on night shift.
- I love to laugh and if i laugh out loud for no reason at all, chances are my inner child just said something completely inappropriate.
- I visualize everything, but the things I usually visualize are generally considered "kagagahan".
- It's hard for me to hold the same thought for an extended period of time because a new one is always invading.
- Friends are like mile markers. they remind me where I've been and each one has something unique to love. .
- I REALLY don't care if you can't differentiate between honesty and arrogance. I am planning to write one on my blog one day but I'm not going to help you understand it and it is not my problem if your brain couldn't reach the deep meaning of it in real life.
- I like truthful, spontaneous, strong, open-minded, exciting, non-judgmental, genuine, and caring people.
- I am always in some pretty funny situations at work and the truth is.. most days I miss them and I will, once I am gone in the company.
- I am not impressed by expensive car and signature clothes or something like that, and most importantly I don't want to listen to you talk about it for an hour while I nod and pretend like I know what goes where and what does what.
- I am however impressed to find out that you eat "tuyo" and "kangkong" using the pinoy style "kamayan blues"
- Like I said, it's important that you can understand the difference between arrogance and honesty.
- I am probably the most kengkoy and gaga woman on your list of friends unless you’ll give me a reason to dislike you, and then the claws come out.
- I'm just a simple woman who knows what she wants ( peace and happiness).. and I firmly believe that anyone who doesn't like it can blow me out of your list.
- I already blowed some from my list. Those people that I realized, the opposite of my mile markers.
- this is who I am and who I will be.

"The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly."
- Albert Einstein.

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