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I am Working

I've heard some things about her just recently like "ang ikli ikli ng palda; naka spaghetti style at ang nipis nipis ng suot; pa ipod ipod pah!!!!"....It is all up to you how would you like to think and react to her as well as to people who made all those comments.

I dont really give a big damm on how she would like to carry herself or how would she want people to see her. What I really care about is my work esp to the people that I closely work with. I may not be comfortable working with her for some personal, stupid, paranoid thing. Plastic they may see or say, but it is work that I am dealing with and not the person whoever she is. As long as my work in normally flowing and not being affected by nonsense paranoid thing, everything will be just fine. She is doing her best and that should be appreciated. Nevertheless, who am I to judge on how she really is, as on how she probably think she is.

"Building good relationships, both personally and professionally, is important, but knowing the difference between the two is vital"...

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