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When I woke up the next day of course I pamper myself agad by staying to the nearest hair saloon kasi parang alambre ang buhok ko sa weather probably. My friends from high school who knew I was already here went to that parlor... Ang gulo gulo namin!!!! Then we went inside the mall and ate at "Kenny Rogers".. We suddenly saw an old high school friend. We called him to join us and took some photos.

We ate, we sing, kuwentuhan at iyakan... Just like the old days parang walang nagbago. We all feel young..still young at heart lang hahahhah!!!! (kapal!!!!di pa lasing yan hhhahahah!!!)

It feel so good to be with you again my bestfriend. A rough road we've been through but still as happy and comfortable being with you. One thing I realized after all we've been through. Money shouldn't get into any good form of relationship. Lab yah!!!!

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