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Early morning of April 16 2007 at around 4 am.. I couldn't sleep with mixed emotion of excitement and sadness. Excited of course to go back home to see my mom. Sadness because I wont be with my family. At 5:00 am I woke my angels up to say goodbye. My heart was breaking to see them crying. First time I have to leave them for this long. First time to see them crying because they will miss me that much. Ohh..ganito pala. How much more if I have to be away for more than a month, more that a year.

7:42 am- I am here still alone inside the airport. Oh god there's a storm along the way and I was informed that I will be on a standby because the airline have to limit the weight for safety purposes. They said that If I will be on the waiting list for the next available flight, they will shoulder the expenses plus I will be given CND$500.. Gee my vacation is only for 2 weeks.....

Well after about 2 hours of waiting, they eventually gave me a sit to fly to Hongkong although the flight was delayed. When I arrived in Hongkong I have 20 munites to get a boarding pass going to Philippines and run to gate 4.. It was a long run and my laptop was heavy...

5:10 I arrived in the Philippines and found out that my baggage was on the next flight. So I have to wait until 6:30.. Good thing that my brother and niece were there to cheer me up.
When I arrive in our house, my mom was lying in a bed. I was with my niece and my mom just said a simple hello to me. But after about 15 seconds, she shouted "AYYYYY!!! anong ginagawa mo dito"..hahahahah!!!..Love to see my mom.. But still missing my home in Toronto.

I wish everything in my life that I love are all just within my reach. Life is such a long journey; a long walk that hurt some part of my body. But always something to look forward for the things ahead of me. When I turn my back to look how far I have walked, I realized that it was a long but a good walked ...It feel so good to go back to where I belong. Hope I will have a good one...

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