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Text Messages

> “I am not worthy of the wealth I owe, nor dare I say 'tis mine, and yet it is; but, like a timorous thief, most fain would steal what law does vouch mine own.”
by : William Shakespeare

Text1: "ang hirap nilang pakisamahan palibhasa marami silang pera at ako mahirap lang...buti ka pa bestfriend masaya at maganda ang buhay mo...."

Text2: "wag kang mamangha o mainggit sa kinang na nakikita mo sa katawan o buhay ng isang tao dahil baka mas marami pang utang yun sayo. lagi kang magpasalamat sa kanya sa kung anong meron ka"

Text1: "palagi mo akong pinaiiyak...mis na kita.. salamat sa lahat mga tulong mo..angel ka talaga sa buhay ko... yun nga lang black angel hehhehehe!!!!"

(unless the person really came from a super rich family or won a lottery )---- fancier car and house means bigger money to loan--- bigger loan means bigger montly mortgage. bigger montly mortgage means bigger chances of not possesing an asset in the near future....
funny but before i receive this text messages from my bestfriend , somebody told me "ibenta mo na yang bahay mo at bumili ka ng bagong bahay"--- ... in this big country, financing companies are always there to allure people with big amount of money to buy luxurious things in life. all you have to do is sign the application form or call the 1-800 for confirmation.. so why not buy a new house and new fancy car for me. i will make sure that my car is the most expensive car. i will visit some of the people that i know who have the newest house to make sure that my house will be the biggest and the coolest among them. but then questions keep coming in my mind... IS IT REALLY WORTH HAVING THOSE???!!! who am i to answer?.... some people are happier to have those things in their life. but it doesn't mean that the person who don't is not. perhaps lesser stress...

“This is an impressive crowd: the Have's and Have-more's. Some people call you the elites. I call you my base.”
by: Rocketman George W. Bush

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