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My Religion

I am a Roman Catholic and my mother taught me a lot things to be one. Some of the practices have helped me a lot to overcome some the obstacle in life. But as I grew up being exposed to a lot of things, questions and doubts started to arised to challenged my belief on the practices of my Religion, but never in my faith in God. I have heed different religious groups to get more insight on how it differs from mine. As I read the bible and listened to different construe for each verses, I realized that each one of us might have different interpretation. And that I thought probably the existence of different religious groups.....

Does it really matter what kind of religion a person have? Why are there so many religions and some are doing and saying things against the other. *My heart can never take to fracture any statue of saints because it helped me a lot in reminding me the existence of God in my empty room.* Dont judge them when they kiss the statue, walk by their knees while praying, take the communion, confess to the priest etc blabla, for who knows what's going on in their heart...* I seldom do but dont judge me if I pray the rosary and site the novena prayers because that is my only way of praising God and whenever I do, it is always coming from my heart.* Who are they to convict me of sin for what is coming out from my mouth. If my afflicting words is coming from my heart then I knew that I have sinned---But when they gamble, they even prayed hard to win the easy money--- Oh yeah who am I to say that they have sinned, for their prayers might not be coming from their heart...

Maybe some have radical expression for God but who are we to say that someone have sinned for doing so?.. Hypocrisy is everywhere regardless of our religion..... I dont have to changed my religion just to see God, although I dont believe in most of their fundamentals...

"Religions are many and diverse, but reason and goodness are one ". by: Elbert Hubbard:
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