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Last week was a good week for me esp that it was a long weekend here in Canada for Victoria day. I had a long sleep on Friday and watch TV with my family. We went to my friends' house on Saturday for b-b-q. It's been a while since I had a long chat with these two friend of mine. I really had fun time talking to them.

I did some household chores on Sunday morning, and some daily routine in pampering myself. After the Sunday mass I went to bed to sleep for a couple of hours. My daughter Kelly woke me up at 4pm to remind me about my promise to bring them to Wonderand. I cannot hardly open my eyes when she said "I know that sleeping is good mama, but you promised to bring us to Wonderland so I cannot do anything about it" (shaking her shoulder)-- Gee can't escape to what I've said to them.

So then we went to Wonderland as I promised. The wind was cold so I didn't jump into any rides. I just watched them riding with so much thrill and excitement. We waited until 10pm to watch the Fireworks. We were so tired when we get home. But it felt good to be hugged and kissed saying " Mama thank you for bringing us to Wonderland. We really had so much fun. You're the best mom.. I love you"....

I always try my best to keep my promise esp to my kids. But I must admit that it is really hard to keep one, esp when you are caught between something that can break what you've just said. Being appreciated in keeping your word is truly inspiring.

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