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My Daughter
She is my niece but she's not actually. She is my daughter in my mind and in my heart. She grew up in my arms and take care like my own while they were far too busy making things right in their life. I almost forgot to build my own because I felt complete being a mom to her. I thought she was mine, I thought I can have her but one day they took her away from me. I didn't saw her for more than a month. I was sooooo sad and empty not being around this little girl. That was the only time I realized that I have to have my own because she wasn't really mine. It hurt so much until now that I wasn't there as I should, in the absence of those who were supposed to be there for her. But I am so happy that she grew up like I expected her to be. Was it me to influence a behavior? I see my daughters growing up very much like her. Very sweet, caring, funny, loving and outspoken just like when she was a little girl. My children look up to her now, as someone they would like to be. I will always look forward and will never stop hoping that she'll be back in my arms again. Please hold on my baby. Time fly so fast. Always do the right thing and you'll be on the right path. Carry my love in your heart as you always do and that will bring you back to me. They might take you away again, but this time it is your choice. I really miss you. Happy Birthday!!!...

"You are a special niece to me. It has been a blessing for me to see you grow up to be the person who you were supposed to be. The angels must have lent you their gloves, so you could create those wonderful things that fills my heart with beauty and love. "

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