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My New Life

Finally!!! our continental shift is over after about 4 years working in Tab Department. I'm kinda get used to it but I must admit that as your kids grow up, they are getting more demanding than they used to. They will make you feel guilty going out on weekends without their loving mom beside them. Well now my weekends will be a real weekend whether I will be with some friends, my family or just alone outside the house.

What hurts about a normal eight hours shift?.. gee!!! my Sunday double pay is gone and that's what realy hurt the most..hahahah!!! Secondly, I have to fill up my gas tank every now and then and it hurt my pocket!!!! Other than that, well my life is normal. Not unless my boss will ask me to do overtime on the weekend. But I have to look at the bright side when it happen. MONEY!!!!!

What I love about my new life?... I can normally schedule my day to day life. I am not that tired and I have more time with my family. I will do all the things needed before I go to bed one day at a time; like doing the laundry, cleaning the house, walking with the dog, checking emails, dental or medical appointments etc...I must admit that working at night is really painful as ever when I try to get a straight sleep during the day. My kids will get home from school at around 3 to 4 pm... ahhhhh!!!! my eyes will be forced to open and everything is blurry... While forced to be awake, I remind them the things they are suppose to do like do their homeworks, take a bath, tidy up their room, feed the dog etc.,otherwise they will be stuck in front of the TV. Then I will get into to bed again with my kids. This is the time where I can have the quality time with them by sharing everything that happen within the day. It can be their day in school, problems they had and how they feel. As their mom, I will give some thoughts about what they've just shared until we fall asleep. The alarm clock will ring to remind me that I have to get up to go to work again.... And before I go to work, my angels were already dreaming...

Ohhhh what about the time for my hubby?... he is working late too, so I have more time with him during the day when kids are out for school...hahahah!!! I realized that some simple changes in life that makes you smile can make you happier by looking at the bright side. I LOVE MY NEW LIFE!!!

So what are the things that you love which gives you pleasure? Is it far from within your reach? If it is, then you're far from being happy....

"That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest"

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