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Learn From It
"Building good relationships, both personally and professionally, is important, but knowing the difference between the two is vital"...i've said it and i will say it again .. but easily said than done.... when i wrote something about this, i was very sure of myself how to manage my uncomfortable feelings to someone at work... but what about to someone you consider a friend?...will you trust her guts over what is supposed to be the right thing to do?... i hate myself and felt so stupid to just rely on how will she feel if i made her feel untrust workwise... that like anybody else, she can overlook things and can make a mistake--- i could have save an issue against her and me, if i have done what is right.. now we are both in a situation where we couldn't do anything but felt devastated after all those hardwork to gain good impression to our masters and confidence in ourselves..... what can i do but learn from my mistake..

“Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it / immediately.” by: Stephen R. Covey

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