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I have been busy lately that's why I haven't updated this very first blog of mine. I've been seeing an increase number of visitors on my friendster lately. An indication that a lot of people outside my blogging world are waiting for my intriguing post. Well here it is.

Everybody have the choice to move to new chair or table or group of people. To ask why is quite normal but to put another dark color behind it, is an absurd. Now for a small mind to be affected by stupid inrtigues and utter some negative feedback is just something to be careful about. Because a lot of evil thoughts are waiting to burst an anger from either side. How to deal with it is quite hard when you are already in the middle of provoking words of hate. I believe that it is better this way instead to having a deeper wounds from petty goading.

Another story to blog about- I had a hard laugh to hear someone say "Kapal ng mukha mo" while was thrown to me the other way "mukha mo"....Isn't it funny that the same person utter such unethical and provoking words of anger? I was just wondering if this person ever know the appropriate place for those utterance- Paranoid indeed to think someone's gestures is being thrown against her. I really think that if she is level headed enough to ask the person why those gesture was being delivered, it would probably end up into some peaceful manner. Those usually came from intriguing mouths and only a dupe to mind those provoking intrigues from intriguing mouths unless she is the intriguer herself.

Anway I will wind this post up for now. I want to thank Vilma (Ate Vi) for inspiring me to blog. I never know that this can be more than just a hobby. Visit my blogsite My Daily Thoughts and know what's keeping me busy when I'm not at work.

"Error always addresses the passions and prejudices; truth scorns such mean intrigue, and only addresses the understanding and the conscience.>/i> by: Azel Backus

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