08/19/07 02:34:11 AM
I Heard

when i say "BALITA KO"(in english "i heard a news") that means i just heard it and i didn't said that it was the truth. now i guess they got mad at me because i revealed things that i heard about them on my blogs, though i didn't said that it was true plus the fact that no name was ever mentioned on any of my page. or they were probably hit by my sarcastic comments on what i heard in case it WAS TRUE.... but what about their sarcastic comments about me? some were also accidentally send to me by the wind and some were not...do i mind?

when somebody asked me
"Balita ko hmmmmmm.. umamin ka na rin kasi" (I heard that you hmmmmm, admit it too)..
but when asked
"ano, sino, kanino nanggaling" (what, who, who said that?) ,
they cannot answer....and when they do
"si ano ang nagsabi" (I heard it from..)
but when confrontation comes along
"teka kakausapin ko siya, sabihin niya yan sa harap ko"(hold on, i will talk to that person and that person should say that if front of me)..
then it's a different story...or sometimes it can be like this
"hoy may sasabihin ako sa iyo pero wag kang maingay ha.... sabi ni ano" (i wanna tell you something but dont say anything huh... she/he said that...."...

for me that only enfolds information ... just have fun hearing it and try to ignore it after that little chat. or i usually take it as something to be aware of and that i shouldn't get into it---- it was just what they heard..... as long as they have no basis but their MALICIOUS THOUGHTS unless guilty at all....

“There is one way to handle the ignorant and malicious critic. Ignore him.”

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