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Here and There

I was here in my favorite place for wandering. I was craving for the presence of someone.. I missed my mom, my niece and my friends back home. I wished they were here beside me while my heart anguished for more. Though it will count more days, I felt sadness to hear that he had to leave. There will be an empty room in this little house... I cannot stopped him for he ought to be with someone. .. Disdainful I am but fortuitous for having them... I was thinking what would it be like if my life wasn't here in this rich and big country. Am I going to be happy or empty somewhere?.. ahhhhh I might probably doing the things that i like, but dependent on someone to conviniently contained my insufficient pocket. Here I am doing something that my heart never looked for, though independently provide competence. Too many questions why not do this, why not do that?... easily said than done... There- is a small place in my big world ... Here- is a big place in my small world. “Dare I say that when I am at home, I wish I was there, and still more profoundly when I am there, I wish I was at home”

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to” by: John Ed Pearce

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