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She is one I found quiet pa-smile smile in the corner. She is very much the same but more outspoken now. Looks very happy with her family and a sucessful career. Just dont know if she regret not being with her college intimate friend...hmmmmm!!!! The day I will be waiting for, is to see them together talking and sharing things that they've done all these years...hahha!!

Oh one of my cool funny guy friend. Very comfortable talking and making jokes around. He will make you blank with his jokes in his own gentle way. Some of the girls in the group find him cute and sex appealing. Do you know who they are?.. Hhahaha.. Wander if he regret not being with her now. Di ikaw sana ang nasa LA? hahhahhah!!!

Modest ever. Studious ever... ano fa!!! she is he only one who got the title (DOKTORA). Until now, modesty is one thing I really admire in her. But take note, she has grown to be a tiger wife now.. Just can't imagine she can throw her husband away when she is mad. Sister dear easy lang ang poise chuba!!!!

One quiet guy in the corner, following this girl of his dream but didn't have the guts to tell her. I really can't remember the last time he talk about something. But, wow!!!! hearing him talked about how his wife care about him whenever he come home late at night...hahahhah!!! Just can't believe how he can sleep inside the car together with the mosquitos.....

Beautiful ever thats why she got married too early. A truly admirable patience she have for her family. A big sacrifice for herself, but mind you, she is still beautiful as ever. Bow ako sa iyo...lab yah!!!

Ahhhh!!! Do you ever though that she can teach children?... Yeah yeah yeah!!!!.. A thoughtful friend to everyone. Married someone who is very much like me. Congratulation, because you got the best spouse in the world... Remember, it's hard to find someone like him....

"Hey, it's me I hope you still remember Your old friend And then, we can talk and laugh again
Hey, it's me I never thought I'd see you once again And I just can't believe You're right here with me
Now lookin' Starin' and talkin Tellin' me things That you've done all these years"

One of my favorite songs those days. Very famous within the group because of our love team ( Vi and Bubut).....Siya si Vi ako si Bubut..hahahha!!!....Didn't realize until now, that the song was really meant for us. He is one of the funny guy in the group that once melt my heart away and still funny as ever. Gwaping noon, ewan ko na ngayon...hhahahah!!!... I will always cherish the good memories of our friendship. Di ka nagpakabait eh, di sana ikaw ang nasa Canada ngayon hahahhah!!!!

Too much to learn about seeing an old friend. Wrong thoughts came out...words left unspoken came out... mistakes of youth were realized... actions that were not expressed were laughed about...but you know what? this is our destiny.. to be friends.... because if it didn't turn out to be this way. We were probably throwing hurting words with each other instead of these beautiful smile and sweet talks. I am looking forward seing you and being with you all again someday....Thank you very much for all the time that you spend ...

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