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Two Men In My Life
When I was young I told myself that I will marry someone who have the opposite of what I dont like and the same of what I admire about my father. So let me share first some of the good qualities of my father. * proud as a daughter to share that my dad graduated from Univerity of the Philippines for Preparatory Medicine and spend 3 years in FEU for Proper Medicine. Unfortunately, he didn't finish the last year due to health problem. He is smart, a homebody person, likes to watch movies and read etc blabla....well I wish I got this qualities but my life style didn't permit to. hehehehe..but on the other hand, he is annoyingly loud when is mad and very moody...(ok, ok i know...i got that)...

When I met my husband, I just knew he is the reflection of what I admire about my father.. but ironically, he is excessively quiet. He wont talk unless you talk to him to break the silence....... If you dont really know him, you will think that he is angry or something..(not to me though hehhheehhe). Dont raise your eyebrow because he is not the perfect man to me. Because as I get to know him more, he got some of the qualities of my father that I hate too...but I'd rather not mention it here because it's their special day today...
My father and my husband--They are the two important men in my life. Happy Father's Day to all!!!

"He is a bright shining example. Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad."

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