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people who will look all the hideous rather than the wonders; people who will compare themselves to see who got more blemishes than the other; people who will hate to find themselves more defects than the other.. people who hate to see someone's advantage..... as if they are perfectly pave in this world full of imperfection.....

this is what i am trying to convey when i wrote "Chikang Bakla", "Jokes Around The Corner" and "Blind Items"... i wrote sarcastic responses from people who make judgemental comment to someone, either to me or to someone else... i hide some of them and only showed to people whom i considered knew how to read between the lines... i made a restriction to some the pages when i found out that some of the people that i new that is not very close to me were sneaking on my site through my friendster profile. i hide it because i dont want them to know that i am making fun of them like what they do to someone when they look at someone's fault or blemish. ...but still strong winds keep bragging them about what i wrote.....since i am making my blogs public now, maybe it is time to make things clear that i only judge people who judge me. it was just a question to me everytime i hear someone finding fault or blemishes to someone while they themselves have more. i learned so many things since i start doing blogs and one things is to keep my mouth shut to people who cannot handle who you are, but workwise is a different story.... and one good thing i learn that when you do blogs, you have to make sure that in any way, it will make sense....what i forgot to include on my sarcastic blogs, is to point out my intention for writing those---- and that is.....

“Until you can prove yourself perfect, you cannot put others down for their imperfections.”

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