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Blogging Thoughts

I finally am posting something new here. I've been busy with my new blog in blogspot. So here I am giving some of my thoughts lately.I've been having thoughts about blogging. Why am I hooked up with this? and now I am doing blog hopping too!!!.. I like to blog because it releases some of my stress by writing all my thoughts about everything. Looking back on my old blogs and reading my friend's comment I realized how crazy I am.-- But it was only those who really know and can accept who I really am (na mga baliw ding kagaya ko hahhaha)who laugh with me... But those who don't, raised their eyebrows and made judgemental comments like "Walanghiya talaga yan babaeng yan" . I guess I really am, just like them..lol...Pretty childish huh!!!--- Most of the time I feel like my age stopped between age of 18 to 23 (lol)..It's only my age and my body get old but mind stayed (parang naging worst pa nga lol!!!)....

I decided to make a little twist on my blog (para naman bumagay konti sa age ko!!!)to point out what really is my message behind each blog but not to teach anyone a lesson-- I am trying to get myself a lesson from some of my meager thoughts as a simple and normal human being--- Then I made my thoughts public and see what is it like for someone who doesn't really know me to read my thoughts..... I made a separate page for all my sarcastic funny blogs and named it "CHIKA"... Guess what? It was rejected right away hahahhah!!!!.... But my blog about my thoughts was accepted(weeeeee!!!)....A few people got to read my site and some admired the design, some find it interesting, some find it with sense etc blabla!!! While I am blog hopping I've read this one blog of a young man saying something about afflicting words....Funny but a day before I read his blog, I posted something about my Afflicting words and being righteous about it (ngeee!!!huh!!!) and I saw his profile visited mine that day... So while reading his blog, I said to myself "ako ba ito, aray ko!!! ayan na-paranoid na ako-- pero parang ako pinatatamaan nito ah!!!"...But my name was never mentioned....
And then there's this one blog of young lady whom I also saw visited my blog, saying something about people who dont like their job (oopppss!!! parang ako na naman yun ah!!) and an old fashion moral values that can't be apply to this modern world (ano naman kaya pakialam ko sa kanya? -- oh baka naman tinamaan din--- soriiiii!!! abay ineng, bahala ka sa buhay mo-)....
I dont actually know this people for real but I guess I am just being paranoid like some people that I know.... Now I know how they feel- straight to their head (lol)!!! They where hit eventhough It wasn't my intention to hit them... I will say that this is probably one of the wonders of making blog ang blog hopping.. You get to know more insight and different values and beliefs esp for young minds... To accept and change someone is out of the question... It will always up to a person whoever she/he wanted to be---- hey this are all just part of my PREDILECTIONS!!!--- At bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo (lol)

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