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if iam having an affair do you think i will tell you? of course not--- simply because an illicit affair is a shameful matter; a sin ; an immoral act. but who are we to judge for we are all sinners.

why do we always talk about them? is it because she is pretty and he is... opppssss.. how should i say it?.. she is too physically pretty for him ( that's more like it )... their mouth denies it but their actions show acceptance.... yeah i know and i admit that it is gossiping but who doesn't? as i've said before- i don't think it's the best things to do, however, i find it interesting and rather stimulating. a harmless little chat wont do any harm. it's just an attitude of how a person should take the issue and being honest about it. a gossip can be bad, if you will spread some lies. questions here and there; conclusions everywhere 'til it becomes the truth on everyone's mouth. if you will ask my conclusion whether they are really having an affair or not, well i say "i do believe they do". they dont want to admit it simply because she is a married woman and a mother of..(i dont know how many); that she needs money at this point so he is probably the best person she got who can support her financial woos----
a conclusion without a proof is not a FACT- so only a dupe will believe that my conclusion is true because i have no proof on what i believe--- but then, everybody is entitle to believe in whatever they want to believe-- SO DONT BLAME ME ok!!!!...i also believe that sometimes an action speaks for the truth so DONT BLAME ME!!!.. and malicious thoughts are easliy provoke by an obvious malicious act... SO DONT BLAME anyone!!!!...

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. by: Kahlil Gibran

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