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Aray Ko
Aray ko!!!!may na basa ata akong blog na sumipa sa akin...Pero oks lang dahil very constructive ang sipa niya..I'll take that!!! Sa wakas may blog na bumulaga rin sa Blog KO!!!!..but then let me just blog my side on that...

Negative to you can be positive to others; but positive to you, might be negative to some...boring to others might be interesting to me. You might take the positive to be negative, while other might take the negative to be positive...Not because I admire something, I have to have it...Not because I admire someone, I have to be that someone that I admire...It is your style, and this is my style because that is you, and this is me..I consided it as Human Nature called "DIFFERENCES" among us..

No matter how hard I try to have a peaceful and joyful day, there will always be some irritating situation that will challenge my day. If you're a person who have no choice but to be in contact with some people who always challenge your day, you'll find some way to release it, in some funny way.. Funny to some but might be irritating to others, I agree. But you cannot please everybody anyway so whats the puss.... I share some irritating moment on my day to day life with some thoughts about it and let others judge what it is all about. As far as I am concern, I am giving everyone the freedom to give their own thoughts about everything that I share. Whether the thoughts and reaction will be negative for me or the other way around. I can never hold the thoughts of each and everyone around me. Negative indeed but it is the reality, that everybody in their life will encounter some irritating moments in some way. Giving some thought about it helps me deal with it and prepare myself the next time it happen.

Being around with different personalities made me learned so many things and change some of my perspective in my day to day life, without changing who I really am.
*no matter what you do or say; how you say it, how you do it... you can never please everybody. *so stay the way you are and be true to yourself *be careful who you share your blessings with *because not everybody can handle your blessings *avoid the people who irritates you and *people you know who dont like you *know who your friends really are *appreciate the beauty around you *and learn how to deal with all the negative things that sorrounds you. *smile and take everything as part of your everyday life.

Each person is responsible for his or her own happiness. I do not feel an obligation to put a bright smile on the face of anyone but I am thankful if ever I do... If you believe that the happiness is within you, no need to go far to find happiness because it is already within you. It's been so long since I felt the happiness that is less than the happiness that I have right now, since I found the true love that completed me as a person and as a woman. I just couldn't imagine my life without the things and the people who made me HAPPI--ER today. Thinking that the attachment that I have with them will be taken away- is just one way to be negative inside and out. I put my trust in God that he will always be there for me and take good care of all that he had given me, which makes my life HAPPI-ER than ever. I always try my best to take the negative into positive, but like everyone else I am just Human....

Sincerely yours,
babeng bading lang po!!..at your service

"differences of opinion can be creatively stimulating as well as frustrating. "

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