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"One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others."

You say not to do something, but you do it the same, when somebody else does it, you call them out of their name. You are lacking in areas but then you'll put down someone else. You need to stop focusing on what I'm doing or others has been doing, instead pay attention to yourself. (wag mong pakialaman ang kaartehan ko.. walang inuutangan at minomolestya ang kaartehan kong sinasabi mo!!!!..)

You need to realize who you are, you will find out sooner than later or maybe never... because you’re old enough to know yourself. You criticize and you judge that’s why it feels so good criticizing you behind your back, because you are such a hypocrite and a hater.(galit na galit ka pag nalalamangan ka....)

Why? Who are you?.....Don't walk around like your shit don't stink. Before you open your mouth, you need to stop and think. (manalamin ka!!!!)
Don't hate me because I'm happy, because I'm always smiling, because I’m good, because I got it and you don’t..(kanya kanyang blessings lang yan)

Think about some of the things that you say and some of the things that you do. There are too many things going on to be focusing on what I'm doing or other people has been doing. A personality or a real sense of humor, should be what you are pursuing. Stupid ass!!!

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