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Honesty and Arrogance

"To be modest in speaking the truth is hypocrisy"

Arrogance is really difficult especially at work because it puts others into a competitive position. By subconsciously treating others as inferior to yourself, you invite them to respond to your words and stories with undesirable response. Most likely theyíll either react submissively or neutrally or challege you by their insulting responses.

No matter how carefully I am in choosing my words, it always falls on one side, honesty or the other. I do my best anyway. People will not always react the way Iíd like to and worst thing is... when they talk behind your back, but thatís out of my control. I take responsibility for my own words, and do my best to speak the truth. Neither be so arrogant as to think I have complete control over othersí reactions nor so timid as to think I have none or......simply avoid narrow minded people. Their reaction may not agree with mine. Is it my failing communication or their self denial and acceptance? I guess it is merely a part of human existence that must be accepted

Consider this situation;
1.)(trying my best not to say it directly to avoid hurting narrow minded people) but directly pointing out to someone that we should stop taking long breaks because it is affecting our work-- her reactions to that is by reversing how she treated me before; making me feel that she don't like what I have just pointed out to her. Happy to see her coming in on time after break now, simply because what I have just pointed out to her is true and she hates me for that. Who cares?!!!!
2.) Saying someone is a friend when he is not in position yet is true for them and saying someone is a friend now he is in position- is consider an arrogance ?..hmmmmmm!!!
3.) Answering her question what will I do in PI "May aayusin lang ako" and the response is sarcastically making me feel I'm arrogant "Wow!!!! buti pa siya may aayusin"..(I'm not stupid)-- but the truth is sharing to me about her plan in going to Disneyworld didn't went through and mine in Disneyland came true... now who is arrogant?.. I'm thinking , will she do her best to go there when she read this? hahhahah!!!!
4.) Sharing to me the amount of money her husband will get from PI was greatly appreciated- How can someone say and think to someone "arrogant" while I never share any of my financial matter with anyone?
5.) I sometimes hate myself when I share something to someone honestly when I am happy, without thinking about how would they react to the truth. A flattering words from the big boss "You're not going anywhere" with regards to people reduction at work. I should have kept my big mouth from opening since their kness were already shaking for their confidence at work is not that strong... A sarcastic response "WOW!!!" wake me up--- I forgot that the truth for foolish people like them is- arrogance....

My children is possibly the most honest people Iíve ever met. Their ability to reflect back to me who I really am has feed my own day to day growth. If Iím not living up to where, what and how I should really act, they give me a big kick to wake me up. My husband on the otherhand, will take me down a notch if Iím becoming too confident. He will feed my arrogance, and errors will splash on my face instead of correcting them.

Even when you strive to be honest and your intentions are true, you will not always get an appropriate reaction. But I consider their reactions more about them than it is about me. I try to stay on being myself as possible while allowing others to hold full ownership of their reactions.

"My confusion in understanding the people around me would slip from my shoulders like a dressing gown everytime I reveal my naked person, its beauty and its flaws.
It is a real isolation being around with narrow minded and hypocrite people. All that they know is their own projection, a likeness of a person. A dark color on the back of an envelope.
As the years pass by, the distance between me, and the people who are starting to know me neither widens nor narrows but stays at an uncomfortable length. For two paths that will surely cross at some point. Like a parallel lines that never meet; the gap between our differences is filled with ignorance.
I am no better at hypocrisy yet I would have you share the things that make my soul soar, regardless of your own reaction because this is just the real me."

"Ang katotohanan ay hindi kayabangan.. Wag mong alamin kung ang isang katotohanan ay makakasira ng iyong araw dahil sa iyong makitid na isipan"...

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