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Is Gossiping Can Be Good?..
"Anong bagong chika", "May chika Ako" and "Etong bagong chika"... are my favourite lines for chika. Important information that have made me grow as a human being. I know I'm not the only one around who gossip because whether you like it or not...it is a phenomenon. What I've found out is that- gossiping is a great leisure pastime that makes life more interesting.
I assure you- "Those who say they don't gossip are lying. Every one gossips at some point."
Gossiping can be more an exchange of interesting ideas which sometimes changes your perspective. I don't think it's the best of things to do, however, I find it interesting and rather stimulating."
On the subject of whether women gossip more than men, or if men gossip at all, I says, "Guys gossip though they deny it, sometimes even more than women. Listen to them discuss a woman, if that's not gossiping, what is it then?" aminin na ninyo no!!!!
I agree that gossiping about others when it's being bitchy is not the nicest thing to do, but a harmless and funny little chat can brighten up anyone's day and spice up people's lives. It's just an attitude of how a person should take the issue and being honest about it. And there's a lot out there who really enjoy being in a limelight; a center of attraction or conversation; they love being the talk of the town- so they act and do what gossipers talk about-- di ba? One good example is my poem "Taksil"- She just love to be talked about. So she do things that create gossips and certainly know how to break the silence among gossipers.

Gossip is bad when it is a lie--
Gossips is really bad when someone is telling and spreading lies. The problem about these kind of gossipers is that they make their own conclusions. They will spread what they thought about the issue, without thinking if their conclusion is true or not...
So when you're not sure of what will come out of your mouth about someone...just shut up!!!-- Because lies can destroy peoples life and reputation!!! ----

So I will say this again "one of the hallmark qualities of a true friend is someone who refuses to gossip about you behind your back. gossip involves WORDS whether it is true or not. . am i a gossiper? yeah!!!! just like you !!! but gossiping is not restricted to one definition -"idle talk!', instead it is a communication that serve three primary functions- 1.information, 2. influence, and 3.entertainment. my kind of gossip is for entertainment which implicates further inquiry and theoretical comments are noted. i never mention any name on my blogs and i never tell a lie because telling and spreading lies destroy people's life and reputation. whoever you think people that are involve on everything that i write is your decision to keep or to spread--but when you're in doubt, you should keep your mouth shut !!!!! because there is a reminder to read in every page that i make for everyone to think and understand, if what you read is true or not ... !!!!

"There are two kinds of people. The gossiper and the gossipee. They annoy each other but they enjoy each other. They couldn't do without each other because gossipers are lost without a thrill and a shock. Another good thing about gossip is that it is within everybody's reach, And it is much more interesting than any other form of speech. And if you want to get the most out of your life; be a gossiper by day and gossipee by night. hahhhaha!!!!!"----

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