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The Gift

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I wish I can stop the time from passing by and carry them in my arms forever.There is no other precious gift than being praise by your own flesh and blood. It was the morning of my 39th birthday when my two girls open the door of my room and gave me a big hug and and big kiss "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA". A small hand made card from my Kelly saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA"... I kept it on my wallet and do my best to keep for as along as I live...

I woke up at four pm to be with my kids after their long day in school... A hand made Birthday card from my Kim.. A card with two cut drawn teady bears that stick together fell down on the floor, that catches my attention before reading the card. One half saying "FOR MY GREATEST MOM" and the other side says "FROM YOUR DAUGHTER KIMBERLYBefore I look inside the card, she stopped me and said "Mom look at the back of the card first and see what's inside the dog and it says "THE WONDERFUL MOM".. looking back to read what's written on the card - "YOUR THE BEST MOM".. My heart was filled with so much joy and I cannot ask for more.. What a sweet and loving girls I got!!!

At 10pm that day, I was wondering why my hubby wasn't prepared yet for his night shift work, though he took his bath but went back to bed again. "Aren't you going to work?"... he replied "No I filed my vacation because I want to spend this whole night with you"... hahhhahah..... well folks can't share the rest because the rest is ........ well you know..

Thanks for all the greetings.. I did have a good one and blessed with friends like you...

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