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How will you wake up someone who is dreaming while awake? He always tell someone "it is just a simple common sense"- but where does he put his?

Consider the following situation;

"Ang hirap may aso dito sa Canada, kailangan ilalakad mo pa, susuklayan blabla"..
sinagot: " Eh di sosyal..naglalakad ka may aso"....
- Isn't she so stupid?.... I wonder where did she came from? Does she know what "sosyal" means?..Does the dog has something to do with that?... Someone saw them in a pet store looking for a dog..bwahahahah!!!! Ingiterang tunay-- trying hard!!!!mga aso!!!!!

"Akala mo kung sinong maganda itong inidiana na ito. laki laki naman ng ilong at tabingi pa!!"
- wow!!! does she ever look at the mirror- !!!..friends beware of her because this is how she is!!!

"When you train someone, teach them the basic...ONLY"
- that's how selfish she is. she probably dont know how to impart knowledge or she got nothing to impart at all... selfish bitch!!!..

Mare at Pare why are you giving me that faces again?
- dont tell me you've read my blogs or site?... why? dont you know how to read the reminders? all of these are not for you- there's a lot of site that you can go to, where you can learn how to improve yourself---- dont blame me for what and how other people look at you. they probably came to realized who you really are- i didn't say anything to them to unlike you and i dont have to dahil talagang unlikable kayo!!!!!

Nag-apply siya ng ------
- doesn't mean you're friends, you have the same talent/or intellect; Or you probably just want to prove to him and everybody, that you're better than him; that you can have what he has. hahhahah!!!!! you didn't even get the chance for a bigger interview?... isn't that enough to wake you up?..... you're probably good on something but not the one your friend has right now-- because this is what he really do for quite a long time --- why dont you do something that you really want to do? envying someone will only put you nowhere pare!!!!ingitero ka na mayabang pa!!! mainin mo nang marami kang dapat baguhin sa attitude mo bago mo makuha ang gusto mo... lower down your pride is the first thing you have to do; accept who you are and what you are capable of; knowing you, the job is not for you- a kind of work that isolate you from a crowd will probably good for you because the way you talk in a crowd doesn't make any sense; you're just trying to show everybody how "BOBO" you are--- a paper work job might be right for you.. (magpulot ng paper, bagay na bagay sa iyo) bwahahahahh!!!! congrats!!!---

one of the hallmark qualities of a true friend is someone who refuses to gossip about you behind your back. gossip involves WORDS whether it is true or not. . am i a gossiper? yeah!!!! just like you !!! but gossiping is not restricted to one definition -"idle talk!', instead it is a communication that serve three primary functions- 1.information, 2. influence, and 3.entertainment. my kind of gossip is for entertainment which implicates further inquiry and theoretical comments are noted. i never mention any name on my blogs and i never tell a lie because telling and spreading lies destroy people's life and reputation. whoever you think people that are involve on everything that i write is your decision to keep or to spread--but when you're in doubt, you should keep your mouth shut !!!!! because there is a reminder to read in every page that i make for everyone to think and understand, if what you read is true or not ... !!!!

"A lie can travel halfway across the country before truth has a chance to put its boots on."
by --Mark Twain

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