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Awake At Night

Being awake at night when everybody sleeps, when I've done every single household, it could be a little boring because I can't go out to have fun at the mall; talking to friends outside Canada can be very expensive but friends within Canada are all sleeping. Watching movies can be fattening.. Just couldn't watch without my mouth craving for something; always looking for pringles which later on can cause my joints to ache (rheumatism). Well it's true. Dont you know that junk foods like pringles and cheeze curls that everyone loves can be bad for our nerves.
So then I have no other way but to jump in front of the screen of my beloved computer. I will start doing blogs and start typing whatever goes inside my head. Unfortunately those things that goes inside my head are generally stupid things.. A blind items that freaks them out.. Friends then ask me why I am doing blogs like that?.. I dont know It just goes inside my head ..... One of my friends said it is like you've made an open diary .!!! Well Blog is a diary online.... And when you write, you want someone to read it.. Funny but when I wrote my first blog and few more, only few read and giving comment about it. And then when I start writing some intruiging imaginary blind items, I got a lot of responses mostly through email...Some are requesting to make and send them more. I then post it on my website and link it to my friendster profile, for those who are having a hard time opening through email ...
Gee !!! Dont know if I will be happy as a frustrated "writer" or be sad to realize that there are people that I know who sneak to visit my site to read my commentary pages. Outside friendster, they are waiting for my new post on my website. Some were hit by my funny and stupid "comment" about something... I realize that they are starting to hate me thinking that they're the one I am referring to. Sad but it's true... From what I know, people who are haters usually envy the people they hate, because they do not have freedom of personal expression. They lock their true self deep inside of them and they lash out at others who don't have a problem expressing themselves.
If they don't like what I am doing, why did they take their pathetic time to surf the site. I feel sorry for them and for myself too, that I have to deal with it. At least I have a good grip on the reality of who I am. Just someone who's "awake at night"!!!!

"The gossiper is too frightened to directly confront someone, but enormously brave when whispering in the hallway."---

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