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12 Tips To Reduce Stress

Starting today, you can change your life - simply by changing how you see the world. If you put a smile on your face, learn to see the beauty all around.. here are the 12 Tips to help reduce stress in running the machine..
  1. Take a deep breath instead of criticizing someone
  2. Count to 1 to 10 when frustrated
  3. Shout “fuck you” when you’re running like shit
  4. Smile while throwing the gum everywhere because your scoring Unit keeps on jamming due to soft, thin, sticky gum grrrrr!!!!!
  5. Keeps saying "I love my job", while cleaning the smashed gum on the pocketwheel because of the sorbitol spots on the gum grrrrr!!!
  6. Say to yourself "Processing is really doing a good job".. while clearing the jams on the pusher 1st drum and heater table because of the bad gum...
  7. Bang and crack the guard of your machine because of continous LTM Infeed or LTM Press jams.....You’ll feel good after..hehehhehe!!!
  8. Clear the LCM jams and Flirt as much as you can with the cute mechanics; forget about the narrow minded people.. Inggit lang sila!!!!
  9. Avoid the one who cannot fix the machine…If he is assign to you, you have no choice but to stick with him and be down for the whole long night.. Just do number 1-2… do the number 3---silently..hehhehehh shhhhh!!!
  10. Watch your Quality, Angelina Jones is watching....
  11. Tell someone if they stink because it is a contamination issue..hahhahahah
  12. Always look forward on seeing your payslip….So dont be late and dont be absent....grab as much overtime as you can!!!!!..
Lighten up! Allow your life to unfold with all the beauty and excitement of touching how stiff your shoulders are and the numbness of your wrist… Smell the mannitol and feel how it goes to your lungs. Realize the adventure of cleaning your bleeding nose inside the washroom each time you have your break…
The choice is yours! The rest of your life is yet to be lived. Will you choose to live it happily, or choose to live it unhappily? The choice is yours and yours alone!

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