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My Friend

Someone turned to me and asked
"How many friends have you?"
Why 10 or 20 friends I believe
And began to named a few...

A blessed one you are
To have so many friends
But think of what you're saying...
A friend is just not someone
To whom you say "Hello"

A friend is a tender shoulder
On which to softly cry
A well to pour your troubles down
And raise your spirits high
A friend is a hand to pull you up
From darkness and despair...
When all your other "so called" friends
Have helped to put you there

Someone who see the beautiful in you
And understand the ugly part of you
Someone who never get envious
Of all the good things you have
But be happy for you
And never look at you as a "competion"

A true friend is an ally
Who can't be moved or bought
A voice to keep your name alive
When others have forgot
But most of all a friend has a true heart
For from the hearts of friends
There comes the greatest love of all!

So think about all this
For every word is true
And once again answer please...
How many friends have you?
After much thought I answered
I really only have just one
"It's You!"... Are you?!!!!

A Friend Is Always Special
Because Friends Love You
Just Because You're You
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