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The Search Is Over

I have been searching
A never ending search
I almost give up
I prayed for you.
Thought God is sleeping
Then I met youÖĒFinally he is hereĒÖ..
Full of trials right from the very start
I was so immature to hurt you
I thought I lost you, but you hold onÖ

You gave me two precious gifts
A gift that made us stronger
I am so happy being with you.
A marriage almost made in heaven.

Misunderstanding, too much responsibilities in life,
I guess lack of communications,
We lost contact to God
You hurt me so deep. I died inside, I cried a lot
We thought itís over, but love keep us togetherÖ
God made us together againÖ

Here we are, taking the journey of life together.
Donít know how long,
But I hope and pray this is forever
One thing I know for sure
" I'll never love this way again..."
I love you hubbydoods
God bless our family

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Love Is Knowing You...

I was there when they were born,
Held them in my arms,
Thought Iíd hold on forever

Wasnít long before I learned
Kids fall down, get hurt
I canít always be there to make it better

I told myself, itís alright
I guess thatís how they grow
I told myself, itís alright
Sometimes they need ya, sometimes they donít

I didnít know what love is till I had my children
I didnít know Ďbout tears of joy that come from being with my girls
I didnít know what love is, but now I do
Oh my girls, love is knowing you

IDropped them off first day of school
First sleepover I stayed cool
First time they went to play with friends instead

I told myself, itís alright
I guess thatís how we grow
I told myself, itís alright
Sometime we need each other, sometimes we donít

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